X-ray systems for bulk food goods

X-ray inspection systems for mass products such as nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruits, sweets, and salty snacks are increasingly used in food production lines. In conjunction with integrated rejection systems, x-ray systems are located both in front of packaging equipment and in front of parts of technological lines where bulk goods are either mixed or subjected to thermal treatment or any other type. In the first case, material processing costs are optimized, in the second, the processor avoids the cost of packing the defective product or unpacking and returning it.

X-ray inspection of bulk products prior to packaging is the most efficient method of inspection for this type of product. This is due to the possibility of spreading the yet-unpacked product on the conveyor belt in a continuous and homogeneous manner. At the same time, the inspection is made of a layer thinner than if the product was in the package, thanks to which the detectability is significantly increased. The rejection systems that are integrated in the x-ray inspection of bulk products also result in a smaller batch of product being rejected as they are distributed in segments across the width of the conveyor belt.