X-ray control for packaged food products

In many cases, X-ray inspection is carried out on food products that have already been packaged or even after packaging only. Regardless of whether the inspection is carried out on trays, bags, cartons, plastic bags, sachets or boxes, the control of the packed product ensures that no mechanical part from the devices on the production line gets into it. This is the most effective protection of the manufacturer's brand against complaints or recalls. Also, if the product is not subjected to too many, or too costly refining processes, or is not particularly expensive itself, placing the x-ray inspection point of the product only after packaging may be the optimal solution.

Inspection of the product in the package may also be necessary due to the method of packaging. For example, particles of the packed product may enter the closure in the form of e.g., a heat seal, causing leakage and generating a potential source of mold or bacterial growth. The x-ray inspection systems we implement for this application have a specially increased sensitivity in order to examine such thin plastic elements. Another example of the use of the x-ray system is the control of the filling of the package. The decision at which stage of the technological process the product should undergo X-ray inspection is made in the context of optimizing the time and costs of the process, as well as due to the need to achieve repeatability or the quality requirements, as applicable.