X-ray systems for unpackaged food products

The control of singular products, without packaging, is used especially in the case of portions of meat, poultry and fish fillets, and bakery and confectionery products. The use of the X-ray system at the entrance to the plant allows us to immediately remove any defective products and, at the same time, identify their supplier. In addition, removing the defective product at this stage allows you to save on its processing or protect processing machines from damage resulting from the presence of harder foreign bodies.

Thus, X-ray inspection systems ensure not only food safety for the final consumer, and thus the good name of the manufacturer's brand, but also protect the entire installation against damage and, thus, the resulting downtime. The possibility of removing foreign bodies such as stones, glass, metal or even plastic elements is therefore important not only for the packaged food product, but should, in fact, be used at every critical point in the processing process in a fully optimized installation. In addition, the singular products can be tested for shape and size requirements, including the presence or absence of voids, e.g. the number and distribution of holes in aging cheeses, analogous to the content control of the package mentioned before.