Smartsort Company Poznań

At the beginning of SmartSort Company’s activity as a new brand, our vision was based on two main assumptions resulting from observations of the market of optical sorting devices in Poland. It was to provide top-class optical sorters as the exclusive distributor of the Anysort brand, a leader in the production of these devices. Furthermore, it was to ensure their optimal operation thanks to an authorized service run by engineers trained at the manufacturer's premises.

Subsequent experiences on production lines, the projects completed, and the cooperation channels established during this time, made us complement and develop this vision. Today, thanks to this, we can offer comprehensive optimization services in the field of sorting bulk goods.

On almost every production line, where the value of bulk material is increased by removing impurities or categorizing them, whole tons of high-quality product end up wasted each year. In line with the zero-waste philosophy, by choosing appropriate optical sorters, conveyor devices cooperating with them and, if necessary, machines for bringing the material to the optimal form for optical sorting, we minimize these losses. We even create entire designs based on the same principles from start to finish.

Based on our experience with optical sorters, we have set a standard for optimization activities, which we are also able to flexibly adapt to the conditions encountered in various industries. In the most general outline, we start with determining the optimal final process, i.e. optical sorting.

The optical sorting devices we offer come from the world's largest manufacturer of optical sorters, Anysort, i.e. Anhui Jiexun Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd., of whom we are an authorized and exclusive Polish distributor.

As the world leader in optical sorting technology, Anysort was the first, and so far the only one, to introduce full-colour 16K cameras to its Cloud vision systems. They detect the smallest and subtlest colour defects. At the same time, our manufacturer has significantly developed the use of near-infrared cameras in sorters by developing a new generation of sensors for them - InGaAs 2.0, which revolutionized the optical separation of foreign bodies, allowing to separate not only materials with significantly different physical properties (in particular: inorganic from organic), but also virtually any types of seeds or different types of plastic.

Proper selection of the equipment of individual sorters with these technologies, in conjunction with the material feeding and ejection systems adapted to the product fraction, make it possible to select the appropriate device for almost any bulk material. This is true for numerous industries, ranging from salt, quartz sand or light seeds, and ending with nuts, fruit or minerals.

Thanks to our close, mutual trusting relationship with the manufacturer, we have our own fully equipped service and training centre under the guidance of a certified engineer. If necessary, we also rely on the support of a team of over one hundred technicians specialized in various product groups. Thanks to this, even the most difficult sorting issues are solved quickly and with full effectiveness, even when working with unusual assortments.