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Smartsort specializes in implementing optimized solutions for sorting loose products. The company supplies optical sorting equipment for organic and inorganic materials. Smartsort sorting machines use an advanced camera system, the only ones on the market that implement 16K optical technology and InGaAs 2.0 infrared camera technology

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Advantages of using Smartsort solutions


Any product in any market increases in value when it is free from contamination and foreign matter. In the case of bulk goods, both foodstuffs and industrial, this aspect can always be improved. The most advanced optical sorters we provide are equipped with 16K cameras and InGaAs 2.0 sensors. When combined with our expertise in optimization, they allow us to achieve highest purification levels with minimal losses at the last stage of production, i.e. exactly where one can be competitive in the current technical conditions.

Profit from

The technologically advanced Smartsort solutions give you the opportunity to achieve a competitive advantage in numerous industries. Sorting devices and the optimal method of their implementation, enable achieving the highest quality and efficiency of the sorting process, with the maximum recovery levels of good material from rejections. As a result, your plant can record increased revenues by recovering the most of the quality product that would otherwise be disposed of with waste, while also maintaining the highest quality standards for all the sorted materials.


The optical sorting process is the main area of optimization in handling bulk goods, due to the relative novelty of this technology and its dynamic development in recent years. Thanks to the other devices we implement, we offer the possibility of extending the optimization, according to our model, to the earlier sections of your industrial lines, eliminating further losses and ensuring quality at the entrance to the sorter. All this facilitates the device’s optimization process.

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