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Optimizing sorting processes is not a one-off project that simply ends with starting the equipment after its purchase and installation. Rather, it’s a continuous process that requires proper handling, reacting to periodic changes in production and market conditions, and ultimately also maintaining the appropriate level of training of personnel. Moreover, the modernization of an existing or the installation of a new fragment of the production line with parameters closer to the optimum entails the possibility of increasing the parameters in another section of the production.

Bulk goods for which we implement sorting systems are subject to changes in individual batches delivered to the plant, in different years and times of the year or from different suppliers. The assumed sorting goals may also change when there is specified demand, e.g. for a higher or a lower class product. In each of these cases, the optimization criterion, according to which as much of the material as possible is to be recovered and brought to sale, remains the same. That is why we offer audits or training services tailored to the needs of each client.

Audit Package

A service engineer optimizes the sorting programs to the current and desired conditions in the production plan for the next period. This is an alternative to training plant employees to higher levels of proficiency in operating equipment and limiting their responsibilities to selecting appropriate sorting programs. It is a perfect solution for branches of the economy where it is difficult to find appropriate operators, or where production workers frequently change positions.

Training Packages

Having qualified staff to operate specialized devices is an invaluable asset for any production plant, where many different types of bulk goods are sorted, come from various sources, or the assumed production goals are subject to changes. In such cases, an employee or employees with a fixed position are usually delegated to operate the devices, for whom we can conduct training both at the employee's plant and at our facility.

Mixed Packages

Depending on individual abilities and time available, a full training of independent operators of the optical sorter may take a significant period of time. During this period, the standards for optimal operation of the installation should not be lowered. In such situations, we suggest combining advanced training with conducting audits at the plant. In addition, expert operators will better optimize the operation of the installation, as part of an audit, under the supervision of a more experienced SmartSort engineer, even if they were to take place at some time intervals.