X-ray systems for products in pipelines

Products in pipelines, i.e. liquids or semi-liquids and suspensions often cannot be screened or strained to remove foreign matter, often due to their specific or uneven consistency. Pipeline x-ray inspection systems have been developed as a solution to this problem. They detect and remove contamination from metal, glass, dense plastic, bones and other high-density solids: from minced meat, purees, jams, sauces, yoghurts and many other pump-transported products.

X-ray inspection of this type of substances in pipelines not only increases the food safety of the final product and the risk of customer dissatisfaction, which is a value in itself, but also reduces the producer's costs due to the fact that the substances are transferred to the subsequent processing steps are already purified, increasing the value of the product. For this reason, while the installation of the X-ray system is desirable at every critical stage in the processing, it is particularly cost-effective to use it at the start of the production line so that the sub-par products are discarded before further processing.