Sorting of agricultural seeds

Increased yield, increased profit

SmartSort optical sorting solutions fully extract the best of every cleaned grain or seed batch according to one’s requirements, providing the highest purity class in all respects, regardless of contaminants to be removed, be it foreign bodies, defective seeds or the criterion is the germination capacity.

Our devices are applicable not only to popular cereals, wheat, rye, barley, but also to many other seeds - beans and other legumes, vegetables like carrot and or onion and, even, grass.

Highest quality, unprecedented technology

The trail-blazing Cloud colour camera technology with the highest available resolution, not only detects the most subtle colour defects but also copes with the smallest and lightest seeds.

The EagleEye software algorithms that process the image also allow for separation based on other visible characteristics, namely the shape and size of the elements.

With the ability to install near-infrared InGaAs cameras, it is also possible to detect and isolate defects that cannot be detected by the human eye, differing in material properties and not simply colour differing from a good product.

The cooperation of all these technologies through the EagleEye software on the electronic components of our own design and production allows for detecting up to 7 different defects in a single sorting process.

Such a wide range of possibilities allows for removal of typical contaminants of grain, grains in the scales and foreign seeds in one passage at the same time, not to mention common problems such as infected grains, process-originating mechanical damage or damage caused by pests or burning.

Minimisation of losses

The highest intervention frequency solenoid valves guiding the nozzle matrix of our own design ensures the fastest opening and closing of the air stream removing the contaminants, thereby reducing the amount of good material removed with it. In addition, the use of nozzles with dedicated sizes helps to achieve a loss minimisation effect.

The possibility of separate configuration of individual lines makes it possible for exceptionally contaminated assortments to use two-stage sorting, or to use the re-sort option to further reduce the loss of good material.

Reliable effects

An internal sorting architecture refined by four generations of sorter design and the possibility to build our own fans makes it easy to eliminate the problem of dust, which in some sorting processes would negatively affect the sorting quality.

The problem of uncontrolled deflections and collisions of the material in the SmartSort optical sorters was eliminated to a large extent by a thought-through frame and compensating element design

Energy efficiency

Optimised air consumption thanks to ultra-fast valve operation reduces energy consumption. The device itself consumes a minimal amount of power, thanks to LED light system of our own production as well as proprietary, economical integrated circuits.


The EagleEye software, on which the SmartSort optical sorters work, has an intuitive interface and allows for easy modification of programs, as well as to monitor the flow of cleaned material in real time.

The device memory is capable of remembering a virtually unlimited number of programs, and the ability to connect devices to the Internet makes it possible to monitor and modify the operation of the sorter from anywhere in the world.