Recycling of non-ferrous metals

Metal articles have been subjected to recycling practically since the invention of their treatment technology. Modern technology is faced with issues of maximum recovery of fractions of many non-ferrous metals and their non-separable alloys based on their density and other physical properties. SmartSort optical sorting technologies, distinguishing the smallest variations of shades, allows for obtaining scrap metal with very high purity levels from milling, facilitating the further metallurgical process, already at the sorting stage.

High purity of recycled metals already at the sorting stage

Unprecedented sorting quality of non-ferrous metals is achieved thanks to the work of the Cloud-coloured cameras of unprecedented resolution, and the signal processing by the EagleEye software written specifically for the original system of integrated circuit units that enables calculating the ejection of up to 7 different foreign fractions in a single sorting process.

Even better sorting results are obtained thanks to the LED tapes of our own production used to illuminate sorted assortment and alternating background colours to support contrast.

If necessary, the machine learning algorithms used in EagleEye, which controls the work of SmartSort sorters, can detect defects not only by colour, but also by the shape and size of the elements.

InGaAs camera technology, based on its own sensor patent, supports the separation of very dark metal and non-metallic fractions encountered in the milling of non-ferrous metal scrap such as rubber or plastics

Optical sorting not only on an industrial scale

SmartSort optical sorters are available in systems from 1 to 10 channels in a single device, so they are used in both small sorting plants and large industrial factories.

For extremely heavy and large grain assortments, SmartSort has a range of solutions based on belt design, stabilizing elements with high inertia.

Division of any fraction

The ability to configure individual sorting channels separately allows gradual sorting and re-sorting options tailored to the actual levels of mixing of individual assortments.

The pneumatic electromagnetic valves used in the SmartSort sorters are designed by the manufacturer specifically for extremely fast, precise compressed air shots. This minimizes the loss of the desired base material, especially finely ground millings.