Cleaning Beans

Surpassing established bean sorting standards

A significant proportion of this type of assortment is intended to be used directly for consumption, so SmartSort meets the ever increasing demands with its solutions, without compromising in the least in terms of efficiency or stability of the cleaning process.

Smart Devices

The beans are one of the first assortments for which the EagleEye software, the basic SmartSort sorter software, has been enhanced with a self-analysis module based on artificial intelligence that allows you to run sorting processes and automatically set all internal parameters without practically any training – just indicating the good elements of the assortment and defects on the operator’s panel.

Full range of applications with full performance

The highest standards of SmartSort in cleaning of beans are used by the largest processors of various bean species, but also allow for the sorting of lentils, broad beans, field beans, peas, lupines and legume seeds.

Adjustable nozzle sizes allow for adjustments of the air ejection stream to match the size of the assortment, always ensuring precision of the ejection, regardless of whether one is sorting the largest broad white beans or the seeds of the smallest legume seeds, such as lupines or field beans.

The highest-resolution Cloud colour cameras provide the maximum purity classes in removing contaminants from a variety of faceted beans – all impurities left after initial cleaning, such as halves, seeds of other species, discoloration, insect damage, disease discoloration and rotting. If necessary, with software that recognizes sizes and shapes, SmartSort sorters can also clean the sticks and stems left behind.

The complementary technology of InGaAs infrared cameras is applied to issues such as the removal of limestone from white kidney beans, impossible to recognize by colour cameras; their size and weight prevents their removal by mechanical means.

Any-and-all production volume

SmartSort Optical sorters are available with up to 10 sorting channels that can be freely configured for single cleaning, re-sorting, multi-stage cleaning or split the device into different assortments. With maximized performance on the individual lines achieved by the solenoid valves with the highest intervention frequency, these are the devices with the highest available throughput on the market.