Rice cleaning

The development of super-accurate rice cleaning technologies that ensures the health and safety of the consumers of this product is extremely important as rice is the basis of food for about one third of the world’s population. That's why the EagleEye Software has an exceptionally developed rice cleaning module and all new SmartSort technological solutions are first tested and implemented precisely on devices intended for this assortment.

The cleanest grains in every respect

Obtaining only the highest quality grains from each batch of rice is possible thanks to the resolution unobtainable in any other devices – save for our Cloud colour cameras, which have been built specifically for sorting machines. An additional aspect facilitating such results is a very large number of EagleEye software modules. They control the ejection zone jets based on the camera image and are able to remove up to 7 different colour, shape and size defects in one cleaning process.

The background variables and energy-efficient LED stripes support the work of the colour cameras providing perfect contrangles and even greater detection accuracy.

The recognition of material defects, apart from the colour defects, is supported by the complementary InGaAs cameras, also manufactured according to their own patent.

An optimal cooperation of all these systems ensures a signal-efficient integrated circuit unit designed specifically for image processing and thus perfectly combining the work of the cameras with a computer that calculates precision compressed air shots.

Thanks to the above features, high-quality rice can easily be separated from defects such as moulding, yellowing , purple discoloration, damaged grains, scales and inorganic contaminants.

Largest production scale and reliable performance

Due to their high production demands, they are the only devices available offering up to twelve channels. Thanks to the powerful material feed system on each line the SmartSort optical sorting machine enables the largest throughput in the world.

The excellent co-operation of vibrating feeders and ejector nozzles, together with the optimal spatial positioning of the sorter systems and additional material flow control systems, guarantees that our equipment is characterised by excellent and reliable performance.

The lack of camera interference by dust of any kinds is achieved by automatically functioning brushes and wiper blades, and the design of the devices prepared for an efficient operation of the aspiration system.

Tailor-made filter sets provide additional protection for pneumatic valves against contamination with moisture or oil for extended periods of time.

Increased yields and smallest losses

The SmartSort sorter ejection zone is equipped with solenoid valves with the highest frequency of intervention, providing cleaning with extremely precise super-fast compressed air shots that take out only the minimum amount of good grains – only those flying closest the contaminant.

The flexibility of the configuration of individual lines in SmartSort devices gives the possibility of conducting resorts, or multi-stage sorting, when the assortment requires it due to the high level of initial contamination.

Smart design of the system, efficient feed and auxiliary components for controlling material flow ensure optimal and reliable performance, regardless of the product-specific difficulties of the assortment.